How can SonaCAD help?

SonaCAD gives you a dedicated designer supported by a team of in-house experts. They are here to take overflow design work and to alleviate the challenge of managing and training in-house design staff off your plate — for good.

SonaCAD gives you the capacity to serve your customer during extremely busy periods.

Why cutting die companies choose us?

Always get designs complete and ready for production even during busy periods.

Save at least 50% cost compared to having design done with staff designer.

Always meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and design to spec.

What happens when I get started?

You’ll be given a dedicated relationship manager who will get to know your business and develop a relationship establishing the necessary requirements needed to initiate how we can work with you. They will gather the necessary specifications and data to start the process.

When do I get my dies back?

From when you email us your requests, to when we push out a complete burnable product, we reference your specifications, and turn around design files, drawings for approval, or artwork in 2-12 hours guaranteed.

FAQBusiness Impact

How can I track the impact?

We deliver intuitive performance reports. You can easily track the number of jobs completed, turn-around times, rejection rates, and your return on investment with us here at SonaCAD.

Why Partner with SonaCAD?

We understand the unique challenges encountered within the die making industry. Our core leadership team consists entirely of individuals with experience working in the cutting die industry. SonaCAD was founded with the aim of providing exactly the kind of flexible and reliable support that die makers need to increase productivity and better service their customers.

Years of Industry Experience

We have experienced first-hand the challenges in the die industry presented by unpredictable fluctuations in order volume, and we understand the pressure to get jobs turned around as quickly as possible to satisfy the demands of the customer. By partnering with SonaCAD you will experience reduced overhead costs, and increased efficiency, productivity, and capacity allowing you to better serve your customers and focus on growing your business.

Designed to Serve the Packaging Industry

At SonaCAD, we understand that timelines and deadlines are shrinking and you have to react effectively to take advantage of new customer opportunities. Our well trained team of designers is eager and well-positioned to provide the support you need at the moment you need it. Our services are designed to help your business improve and expand production capability while lowering costs.